First-time mum, first-time post


Hey there!

Ever since I gave birth to my little boy – my little Squidgecake – last summer, I’ve been wanting to start a blog. I have gained so much from reading other people’s experiences, and I thought that maybe by sharing my own, I might help some other mum or dad, somewhere. Whilst becoming a mum has been a hugely fulfilling and beautiful experience, it has also been lonely and overwhelming at times, too. I reckon it’s good to share those not-so-good bits with other people – that way, if they experience something similar, they’ll know they’re not alone.

So! Here’s my blog. I’m going to keep it fairly anonymous, and I hope you don’t mind that. I did actually start another parenting blog earlier on in my journey as a mum, but I abandoned it because I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the idea of sharing identifying details about my baby on the Interweb. I know some people don’t mind doing it – I absolutely love the fabulous Kelle Hampton, for example, and her blog just wouldn’t be the same without its glorious photos and details of her three kids. But, I am a bit of a paranoid android (as you will find out in later posts) and I’ve decided that anonymity is the way to go for me. You will get pretty pictures, I promise – they just won’t be identifiably of me or of my little Squidge!

Among the things I intend to post about are: the highs and lows of breastfeeding, what it’s like being a mum with anxiety, the pitfalls of comparing yourself to other mums, my experience of juggling self-employment with maternity leave, craft projects, and the thousand and one hilarious and wonderful things that Squidgecake delights me with every day.

My baby is nine months old now, and I don’t intend to go back and post about my experience of a mum chronologically. I will be talking about things that happened in the early days of parenthood – and even before that – but it will be as they occur to me, rather than in any particular order. I hope that’s okay!

What I would like more than anything is for this blog to be an interactive experience. Parenthood can be lonely, particularly when you’re on maternity / paternity leave, and my lifeline these past nine months has been the connections I’ve made with fellow mums on the web. So, if you read this, please leave a comment, point me to your own blog, tell me about something you’ve read that helped you as a parent, or ask me a question! I really want this blog to be part of the online parenting community… Please help me to jump in!


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